Precision Gun Works, Inc.


"Finest Quality Semi-Finished Gun Stocks Since 1979"

 Precision Gun Works semi-finished stocks are the very finest available in the industry today. To insure the highest quality and historical authenticity, we select only the best American black walnut from the midwestern region of the United States, properly dried and hand-selected before machining. Our semi-finished stocks are fully contoured and are machined approximately 1/16" oversize. The inletting is left just slightly tight (approximately .005 - .010") to ensure the best possible fit for your particular firearm. In our manufacturing process, we take great care to machine our stocks as close to proper finished dimensions as is practical - still maintaining adequate tolerances to accommodate slight variations among individual rifles. Buttplates are not furnished with stocks. Neither tang screw holes nor buttplate screw holes are drilled. No finish is applied to the surface. PGW stocks or forearms will not "drop-in fit" any rifle or shotgun.

All Precision Gun Works semi-finished stocks are fully detailed, ready for final fitting to your rifle. Following the machining process, buttplate contact areas are sanded to a close fit and, where applicable, the throats of the stocks are opened and sanded. Our exclusive carving process assures you of a smoother outward surface, virtually free from rough machining marks. This saves considerable time in final finishing. For the best value in replacement stocks, Precision Gun Works' extensive line of semi-finished stocks is unequaled.

Please note:  we are not machining any fancy/figured wood or custom stocks, nor are we able to machine customers' wood. We are not set up for single-copy duplication or special runs.

We do not offer fully finished stocks.

Our complete line is listed on the website. In other words, if you don't see it, we don't make it!

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are a first-time customer, please take the time to read about our company and our products on the "About PGW" page. It will answer any further questions you have about the degree of finish on our stocks, and gives information about black walnut, coloration, grain, and how we select stocks. You'll also find information about how to install and finish our stocks on the "Fitting and Finishing" page. Please also visit our "Terms" page before you order so you fully understand our shipping process and returns policy.

We know you will be pleased with the fit and quality of PGW's semi-finished buttstocks, and we thank you in advance for your business.

Best regards,

Gary Jones