Similar to a Winchester, but this lookalike has just enough differences that we made this special stock pattern to enable customers to easily change the stocks on the Rossi, with as little fitting as possible.

Available in both carbine- and rifle-style buttstocks and forearms, these quality American Black Walnut stocks will give your Rossi the classic look of an early-issue firearm.

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Rossi 92 Carbine Buttstock

Available only in Rossi factory issue length.
Stock measures 12-3/4" in length as measured from the receiver to the approximate center of the buttplate area where shoulder contact is made.
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Rossi 92 Carbine Forearm

Different diameter magazine tubes are used depending upon the caliber. Please select the proper caliber to ensure the correct magazine tube hole diameter in the forearm.

Rossi Model 92 Rifle Buttstock

Rifle buttstock for Rossi Model 92s fitted with steel crescent rifle buttplates. Available only in Rossi factory issue length.

Stock is machined for the original Rossi Model 92 crescent rifle buttplate. Due to design and dimensional differences, Winchester Model 1892 crescent rifle buttplates are not compatible with this stock; an original Rossi buttplate must be used.

Stock measures 13-1/2" in length as measured from the receiver to the approximate center of the buttplate area where shoulder contact is made.

Rossi Model 92 Octagon Barrel Rifle Forearm

Forearm for Rossi Model 92 rifles fitted with octagonal barrels.
Currently available only for .44 and .45 calibers.

Rossi Notes

Rossi Carbine Buttplates: The Rossi carbine buttplate is not an exact replica of the original Winchester Model 92 carbine buttplate. The countour is slightly different, and the Rossi buttplate is a little narrower overall, particularly near the bottom of the buttplate. We do not have original Rossi buttplates for sale. If you are unable to obtain an original Rossi buttplate, our reproduced Winchester Model 1892 carbine buttplate can be fit to our reproduced Rossi buttstock, but some addtional work will be required. Also, the buttplate must be narrowed slightly, by filing or grinding the edges, so as to more closely match the dimensions of original Rossi buttplates. This modification will, of course, necessitate smoothing up and polishing the edges and touching up the buing. To order a reproduced Winchester carbine buttplate, please see our Winchester Model 1892 page.

Rossi Rifle Buttplates: Rossi Model 92 crescent rifle buttplates are different in design and dimensions from original Winchester Model 1892 rifle buttplates. An original Rossi Model 92 crescent rifle buttplate must be used with the Rossi rifle buttstock we offer. Winchester crescent buttplates will not fit this stock.

Forearms: Rossi Model 92s chambered in .454 Casull require a forearm with a larger hole for the magazine tube. Please select the appropriate calber when ordering.

Rossi Ranch Hand Model: Our standard Rossi Model 92 Carbine stocks will fit the Ranch Hand Model. This is a very popular conversion, and legal for residents of Canada, but please be advised that fitting a full length buttstock to the short-barreled Ranch Hand Model is considered an illegal conversion under U.S. law, due the the barrel length being less than sixteen inches.

Canadian Shipments: In answer to repeated questions, yes, we routinely ship orders for Rossi stocks, as well as for other makes and models, to Canada. Orders are shipped via U.S. First Class Mail International Parcel. First Class International delivery times vary widely, so please allow adequate time, anywhere from one to three weeks.

Deluxe Stock Finishing Kit

Stock Finishing Kits

Deluxe Stock Finishing Kit not available until January 15th.

Convenient in-a-box supplies for fitting and finishing stocks. Save money by ordering the kit!

We offer two stock finishing kits. The Standard Kit consists of inletting black, three grits of sandpaper, filler/sealer, PGW Classic Oil Finish, neutral colored gunstock wax, a green "Scotch-Brite" pad (replaces steel wool), polishing cloth, and brushes. Our Deluxe Kit adds a straight file, a half round file, and straight and curved hand gouges -- everything you need to properly fit and finish stocks at a savings over buying the products individually, in one handy box. The Standard Kit is $28.50; the Deluxe Kit is $44.50. Note: Due to Postal and Customs Regulations, we are unable to ship this item internationally.