Model 1897

"You can furnish many hours of fine fun for your friends and for yourself by taking a 22 cal. MARLIN on your vacation."   - Marlin advertisement suggesting the Model 1897 as a woods companion, ca. 1900

The success of the Models 1891 and 1892 in .22 caliber, and the popularity of the takedown system of Marlin's center-fire lever action rifles, prompted John Marlin to develop this takedown .22 lever action rifle, introduced in 1897. A number of variations on this basic design were produced, from magazine size to barrel lengths, and even a "bicycle gun" with a 16" barrel and magazine.

It is speculated that over 81,000 Model 1897 rifles were manufactured, with serial numbers ranging from 150,021 to A7,938 and 450,036 on the "Model 97" (during 1905 the model designation was changed from "Model 1897" to "Marlin Model '97". Records on the production of this rifle ended in 1905. A hard rubber buttplate was standard, and the receiver was case colored at the factory.

Please note: we manufacture stocks only for the early original Marlin 1897. We cannot supply stocks for the later Marlin 1897 Cowboy and Texan models, produced from approximately 1999 through 2003.

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Marlin Model 1897 Straight Grip/Shotgun- Style Buttstock

Fits plastic reproduction buttplate, sold below.


Marlin Model 1897 Straight Grip/Crescent Style Buttstock

A less-common version of the Model 1897, originally available from Marlin by special order.
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Marlin Model 1897 Rifle Forearm, .22 Caliber


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Marlin Model 1897 Shotgun-Style Buttplate

Reproduced in black plastic, with checkering and "MFC" logo.

Requires two screws which are available elsewhere on this page.

Marlin Buttplate Screws

A pair of blued screws of the proper size and configuration for Marlin rifle buttplates.
Deluxe Stock Finishing Kit

Stock Finishing Kits

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