Model 39A

Introduced in 1937, a less-expensive sister of the Model 39.

This model had a blued receiver, with low serial numbers featuring a letter before the numbers. First introduced in 1939 with a new long beavertail forearm and round barrel. In 1940 variation of the design was introduced with a straight-grip stock. A Mountie version of this rifle was presented to Gail Davis, who played Annie Oakley on Broadway in 1958 and used the rifle in the show. A number of variations of this popular rifle have been introduced in the succeeding years. Model 39A stocks will fit all of these subvarients (39AS, 39M, 39TDS, etc.), despite differences in overall style.
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Marlin Model 39A Straight Grip/Shotgun Style Buttstock


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Marlin Model 39A Pistol Grip/Shotgun Style Buttstock


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Marlin Model 39A Round Barrel Forearm

Deluxe Stock Finishing Kit

Stock Finishing Kits

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