Winchester Model 94

Winchester Model 94 Cowboy Shooter Retrofit stocks are designed to give your late Model 94 the same classic appearance of early original, pre-WWII models. Choose from early-style crescent rifle or carbine buttstocks, and early original-style carbine forearms.

Winchester Late Model 94 Early-Style Retrofit Rifle Stock

Winchester Late Model 94 Rifle-Style Cowboy Shooter Retrofit Buttstock

An authentic, early-style buttstock for later Model 94 rifles.


The outside contours and dimensions of this special retrofit stock are the same as those found on the earliest Winchester Model 1894 rifles. The inletting has been modified to fit the wider top receiver tangs of Model 94s manufactured after 1948, with serial numbers greater than 1,520,000 (approximate). Additional clearance has also been provided to accommodate the later coil-type of mainspring used on post-1964 models (will also work with earlier flat mainsprings). This stock will accept original Winchester Model 1894 crescent rifle buttplates which must be sourced elsewhere.
Winchester Model 94 Early-Style Retrofit Carbine Forearm

Winchester Late Model 94 Cowboy Shooter Retrofit Carbine Forearm

A longer, early-style carbine forearm for your late Model 94.


This carbine forearm has the same dimensions as early-original Model 1894 forearms, but is machined to fit later Model 94 receivers which utilize a round recess in the face of the receiver, rather than the earlier U-shaped recess. This change occurred in the mid-1950s and continued until the end of production. If you prefer the authentic look of the earlier, longer carbine forearm for your later Model 94, this forearm is for you! Please note: Late Model 94 Cowboy Shooter Retrofit carbine forearms are available only for standard weight barrels, and are not compatible with Big Bore models. Standard weight carbine barrels have an approximate diameter of .930" at the receiver and .670" at the barrel band.

Winchester Buttplate Screws

A pair of blued screws of the proper size and configuration for Winchester rifle buttplates. 
Deluxe Stock Finishing Kit

Stock Finishing Kits

Convenient in-a-box supplies for fitting and finishing stocks. Save money by ordering the kit!

We offer two stock finishing kits. The Standard Kit consists of inletting black, three grits of sandpaper, filler/sealer, PGW Classic Oil Finish, neutral colored gunstock wax, a green "Scotch-Brite" pad (replaces steel wool), polishing cloth, and brushes. Our Deluxe Kit adds a straight file, a half round file, and straight and curved hand gouges -- everything you need to properly fit and finish stocks at a savings over buying the products individually, in one handy box. The Standard Kit is $29.50; the Deluxe Kit is $49.50. Note: Due to Postal and Customs Regulations, we are unable to ship this item internationally, including shipments to Canada.